AOWID is founded in the 1980s, has been established and developed for nearly 30 years. Adhering to the belief of unremitting self-improvement and benefiting the society, AOWID is committed to building a high-tech enterprise with the mission of international competition as the center, realizing the values of AOWID happiness as the foundation, people-oriented, innovative and scientific layout. At present, it has not only two production bases in Yantai and Zhanjiang and four branch companies, but also established a technical research institute focusing on the research and development of compressor and unit system integration, and a technical research institute focusing on the cold chain integration of quick-freezing equipment.    

Refrigeration system


with the leading CO2 refrigeration technology, we provide customers with a complete solution...


Refrigeration equipment


to provide customers with efficient, safe, reliable and stable quality of high quality refrigeration equipment.


Quick-freezing equipment


Compress Unit Department, Heat exchanger Department, Quick-freezing Department, Cold Room Door Department

Address: No.199, Jinbu street, Qinshui Industrial Park, Muping District, Yantai City, Shandong Province 



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