AOWID is founded in the 1980s, has been established and developed for nearly 30 years. Adhering to the belief of unremitting self-improvement and benefiting the society, AOWID is committed to building a enterprise with the mission of international competition as the center, realizing the values of AOWID happiness as the foundation, people-oriented, innovative and scientific layout. At present, it has not only two production bases in Yantai and Zhanjiang and four branch companies, but also established a technical research institute focusing on the research and development of compressor and unit system integration, and a technical research institute focusing on the cold chain integration of quick-freezing equipment.
The company insists on taking the technical innovation and the customer demand as the center, always regards the customer's interest as own supreme interest, is more forward-looking with the international standard conformity, the research and development and the production conforms to the international standard product, transforms into the refrigeration system integration service company. Dedicated to refrigeration technology research and development, product design, manufacturing, refrigeration application system integration, engineering complete set of services, for food cold chain customers to provide technology, service, tailored refrigeration system overall solution.
AOWID is not only an advocate of environmental protection, but a green refrigeration practitioners, as a leading domestic refrigeration company, AOWID was the first to join and work out HCFCs to "save energy and cost, protect the environment and resources, create the safe and efficient products" as the research and development design concept, dedicated to the study of CO2 refrigeration technology, successfully developed CO2 semi-hermetic screw compressor, open the screw refrigeration compressor and cooling fan, etc. Series of products, stainless steel tube for food cold chain enterprise, various kinds of thermal insulation and cold storage offer innovative solutions.
At present, the company has more than 70 patent technologies, including more than 10 invention patents, and has advanced laboratory and testing equipment, products have obtained various qualifications and EU certification. The company's refrigeration system scheme and equipment use natural refrigerant ammonia, CO2 mainly, personalized technical services for the enterprise to create energy saving, environmental protection, safety, efficient refrigeration system and equipment. And the use of intelligent control, products and systems are intelligent, digital, informationized. With perfect service system, intelligent equipment remote detection system, to provide customers with the world's best quality refrigeration products and technical support services.
We are convinced that the future of enterprise will be responsibility and win-win cooperation. AOWID will work with its partners to build a more efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly intelligent cold chain system, so as to improve the comprehensive energy utilization rate, further improve the living space of human beings and improve their quality of life